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I am the owner & CEO of Express Employment in Grand Junction and Montrose.


I get people jobs!

15 years ago I started this business from nothing, and I’m honored to say I’ve put 7,433 people in jobs with over 700 companies during that time. That’s nearly 500 every year – now that’s economic impact!

Prior to owning Express Employment, I was a senior HR executive of a publicly traded medical device development and manufacturing company with locations in Boulder, Minnesota, and Arizona.

I’ve had a great career of helping people find their success.

I am also a 1st generation college graduate that started college as a non-traditional student having completed high school many years prior. I thank Regis University, School of Professional Studies for being on the cutting edge of distant learning in the early 90’s for helping me achieve that success.

But who I really am... 

is a 4th generation Colorado native and a proud decedent of homesteaders and sheep ranchers. I contribute to western Colorado success by exhibiting the values of tenacity and hard work.

From gathering eggs for great grandma to waking at 4 am to help grandpa feed sheep in the winter, I know, in western Colorado, we do what ever it takes.

It was my mom, my sister, and I whom dad counted on to get the hay out of the field so he could go to work, because that’s what it took.

It was my first job, of which I was so proud to have gotten on my own, where I use a concert of 5-gallon buckets to sit on and peel potatoes for fresh French fries at the old school drive-in, because that’s what it took.

And I also know in western Colorado we would not have it any other way, and I love this life!

It is with these lessons that I am seeking election as your next state representative for House District 54!

I look forward to learning more how I can help support your success!

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